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The franchising of the “Yakitoriya” trademark became a logical development of the unconditional success of the Moscow project.

The first regional franchise project was launched in St. Petersburg in December 2001. St. Petersburg’s “Yakitoriya” immediately aroused great interest in the public and became one of the most fashionable cafes of the city, and a year later the second “Yakitoriya” in the Northern capital was opened.

Today, 95 franchising institutions across Russia and in the CIS countries operate under the “Yakitoriya” brand. As a rule, one franchisee has two or more cafes, which indicates not only the popularity of the brand, but also its efficiency and profitability.

“Yakitoriya” is recognized as one of the most successful projects in the restaurant business. In 2003, “Yakitoriya” became the winner of the All-Russian Gold Chains Competition in the Restaurants category; in 2004, it was named the Best Casual Restaurant; in 2005, received the title of Super Brand and the Russian National Olympus Award; in 2007 — the Sales Business Award; in 2008 — the Award in the Best Casual Restaurant category, and in 2011, “Yakitoriya” won the People’s Network Nomination on the Menu&Bill Restaurant Awards.

The commercial space for the “Yakitoriya” cafe should meet the following parameters or have similar characteristics.

— total area: 400—550 sq m (averaged 130—150 seats);

— electric power: not less than 140—150 kW (120 kW, if the space is in shopping center and it provides ventilation system);

— sanitary sewer, hot and cold water supply, ventilation system, central heating system;

— main entrance (for guests) from the street and staff entrance/emergency exit;

— a possibility of round-the-clock operation (to 5 AM);

— a possibility to place signboard on the building facade;

— display windows on the building facade;

— a possibility to organize a summer terrace.

Optimal rental conditions:

— rental period: 10 years, minimum 5 years;

— annual rental rate: 20000—35000 rubles per sq m including VAT;

— indexation of the rent is made after 2 years of the cafe’s operation, but no more than 5% a year;

— utilities are paid separately, based on the data of metering devices;

— grace period for repair and other types of work: 4 months.

The franchise package also includes:

— consultations on building and obtaining permits;

— oordination of furniture and equipment arrangement, equipment specification and design project;

— an appointed supplier of basic products with a single preferential price policy for all cafes of the brand;

— training of the manager, line and staff before startup and during the whole period of operations;

— assistance in startup of the cafe, including the startup team, i.e. we direct to the franchisee the key specialists who will help to open the cafe and to put it “on track”;

— marketing support, consultations on profit and attendance increasing, local promotion of the cafe;

— a package of documents, including a detailed description of the menu, recipes, cooking technologies, manuals for cooks and waiters;

— IT support.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Should the franchisee have to pay royalties?

Yes, royalty is stipulated. The size of the royalty is from 5% to 7% depending on the region where you do intend to open the “Yakitoriya”.

2. What will we get by signing the contract?

Exclusive rights to use the trademark in a certain territory (usually it’s an administrative territorial unit of the state — region, republic, etc.), all the brand forming elements (technology, menu, form, serving, etc.), line and staff training before the opening of the cafe (including managers), periodic training subsequently (under additional agreements), all the necessary information for the opening and normal operation of the cafe, constant support during the entire term of the concession agreement.

3. Where, except Moscow, the franchised cafes do operate already?

The “Yakitoriyas” are represented in all major cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In Russia it is St. Petersburg (3 cafes), Kaliningrad (3 cafes), Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Vladikavkaz, Tula, Ivanovo, Tver, Rostov-on-Don (3 cafes), Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar (2 cafes), Cheboksary, Kazan, Penza. A lot of “Yakitoriyas” operate in Moscow Region: in Balashikha, Zelenograd (2 cafes), Korolev, Mytishchi, Odintsovo, Podolsk, Reutov, Kurkino, Khimki, Vidnoye, Lesnoy Gorodok, Lobnya, Krasnogorsk, Moscowskiy (2 cafes), Dolgoprudny, Zheleznodozhny, Southern Butovo, Pushkino, Lyubertsy, Ramenskoye. There are 2 cafes in Kazakhstan and 4 in Ukraine.

4. Which regions are a priority for the franchising?

Large cities with a population of at least 450,000 people.

5. What is the term of the contract?

The contract is concluded for the period of the trademark validity with the prolongation in the future, i.e. for indefinite duration.

6. What are the requirements for franchisees?

It’s desirable to have experience in the restaurant business, a combination of the ability and desire to work in a team and entrepreneurial spirit.

7. How long is the “Yakitoriya” trademark on the market?

The first “Yakitoriya” was opened in 1999 in Moscow, on the Belorusskiy Station Square.

8. Who are the owners of the “Yakitoriya” brand: foreigners or Russian businessmen?

The founders are Russian residents.

9. Where can we buy goods and raw materials for use in production?

The franchisor appoints a supplier of a group of goods directly related to the production of Japanese cuisine. Prices for goods are equal for all facilities operating under the “Yakitoriya” trademark.

10. Is it possible to purchase equipment for my facility from the franchisor or with its support?

The franchisor has a long-standing relationship with suppliers of quality imported restaurant equipment and offers them to use. However, if the franchisee wants to change the supplier without reducing the quality of the equipment, the franchisor will not create any obstacles.

11. How to start the project?

First, you need to determine the location of the future cafe, and then contact us.

12. What are the requirements for the commercial space?

The space should be at least 400—450 sq m (total area), have the purpose to a food facility location, or there must be the possibility of its conversion. The space should be located on the ground floor of the building, have a separate entrance. Location in shopping centers and entertaining complexes is possible, but the necessary condition is the simplest navigation and a convenient guest path to your cafe. It is not allowed to place “Yakitoriya” in the food court line.

13. Where is it better to hire employees? Should the staff have experience in this field?

It is recommended to hire employees from restaurants and cafes of similar concepts, it is best to hire local young professionals and train them, that will significantly reduce the cost of labor.

14. What are the franchising conditions for other countries except Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine?

The basic conditions of franchising are the same, the conditions of franchising payments can be changed.

15. What are the restrictions for purchasing a franchise?

First, there is no possibility to purchase a franchise in the territory where the “Yakitoriya” cafes operate already. The concession agreement (license agreement) provides the exclusivity on the purchased territory, which in turn does not allow us to sell a franchise on it, or to open a facility under this brand on our own.

Secondly, do not count on the purchase of the “Yakitoriya” cafe franchise in Moscow —in this area it is not for sale.

And the last — if your financial capabilities do not allow to open a cafe. In this case, we advise you to wait a little longer and come more consciously to the decision to open your legendary cafe.

16. Do the “Yakitoriya” cafes provide delivery service?

This service is provided (a single call center, mobile application, website, branded packaging, track fleet, etc.). The franchisee is automatically included in the united delivery system in Moscow and Moscow Region. In the other regions of the Russian Federation (and cities of CIS), the franchisee develops its own delivery service or enters into a partnership agreement with a reputable local delivery operator. The franchisor does not prevent this. Note: currently, work to create a united federal “Yakitoriya” delivery service is underway. After its commissioning, all franchisees will be able to use this service.

17. How much does the “Yakitoriya” franchise cost?

The price for “Yakitoriya” trademark exclusive rights depends on the population of the city where you intend to open a cafe in. The minimum price is above 5,000,000 rubles and corresponds to the city with the population not more than 500,000 people (except Moscow Region).

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