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News and Promotions

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12 August 2017

20% off Delivery

It's time to say goodbye to our legendary discount.
But just a few days later we will launch a new very interesting offer, and of course, we will continue to please you with discounts in the New year.
To be the first to know about them, subscribe to our social networks (VK и Instagram), where we will tell you everything in detail!

Have you ever used the yakitori mobile app? You have a great reason to start! 20% discount on the first order for those who download the app for the first time! What's next? Then even more interesting) Continue to make orders and hold a 20% discount. Treat everyone: those who are waiting at home, who invites you to visit, and those who come to you! Friends, loved ones and even those who accidentally ran into the light! 

How it works: download the app for the first time and place an order — you will get a 20% discount on your first order. Keep 20% discount by making repeat orders. 

If you do not keep the discount: make a new order through the mobile app — and you will receive a discount on the next order.

Conditions of the promotion

1. Validity: until December 23, 2019 inclusive.

2. Territory actions: Moscow and the Moscow area.

3. The promotion includes orders made using the mobile application "Yakitoriya", available in the App Store and Google Play.

4. If you are a new user*, make your first order through the app and get a 20% discount by automatically becoming a member of the "-20% on delivery" promotion.

5. Hold 20% discount when making repeat orders **

6. If you do not keep the discount, make a new order and get a 20% discount on the next order. Hold 20% discount when making repeat orders **

7. The minimum order amount must comply with the terms of delivery: 990 rubles, including all discounts. For details, see the section "Terms of delivery".

8. The action applies including the service "Pickup", issued through a mobile application.

9. Discounts and gifts on promotions are not cumulative. Other promotions taking place during the same period do not apply to orders participating in the "-20% on delivery"promotion.


* The new user is defined by the mobile device which the mobile application is installed on for the first time.

** Attention! Discount keeping works when ordering via the mobile app by the same mobile device. The discount is provided subject to the execution of the previous order.

Download apps for iOS, iOS HD, Android.