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News and Promotions

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24 May 2018


When our chef-bartender was creating Lemonade Collection 2018, he recalled the warmest sunny days, so our lemonades have the pure tastes of summer: refreshing, fruity, bright and juicy, they certainly will not leave you indifferent!
Since 24 May, meet the unusual combinations of classic and exotic ingredients in the “Yakitoriya” cafes!

  • Currant lemonade made with blackcurrant, cranberry, kalamansi and tart cherry purees, raspberry syrup and mint, finished with green tea or Red Bull Cranberry.
  • Cucumber-Basil juicy duo, made with bergamot puree, cucumber, ginger juice, Cloudy Lemon syrup, topped with club soda or Red Bull.
  • Basil-Lime mix combined with cherry plum syrup, plum puree and club soda or Red Bull.
  • Coconut-Raspberry exotic pair made with coconut milk, Bubble Gum syrup, grenadine and raspberry puree.
  • Sweet and fresh Duchess made with pear puree, French Vanilla syrup, lemon juice and club soda.
  • Mirabelle Plum vibrant flavor, that includes plum puree, guava syrup, lemon juice, topped with club soda.
  • Cherry-Cranberry lemonade: a combination of cherry puree, cherry syrup, cranberry concentrate, lemon juice and club soda.
  • Mango-Cactus original duo made with mango and cactus puree, lemon juice, mint and club soda.
  • Tarragon-Passion Fruit mix made with passion fruit puree, tarragon, lemon juice and club soda.

For your convenience, we serve classic lemonades in spectacular and handy glasses (300 ml 267.-) and bottles (1000 ml 717.-) ordered specially for this reason.

Original and fresh as summer, our lemonades will quench your thirst, cheer you up and give you strength. Come and taste!

Want more? So, buy one of the three Red Bull based lemonades: Currant, Cucumber-Bergamot, Basil-Lime (300 ml 287.- and 1000 ml 787.-) and get 500 rubles bonus at online clothes shop!


Terms and Conditions of the Promotion

1. The promotion takes place in all the “Yakitoriya” cafes in Moscow and Moscow Region from 24.05.2018 to 30.09.2018 inclusive.

2. A card with promo code is valid from 24.05.2018 to 31.12.2018 inclusive.

3. The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts.

4. To receive a card with a promo code from, you must order one of three Red Bull based lemonades: Currant, Cucumber-Bergamot, Basil-Lime (300 ml 307-. and 1000 ml 907.-).

5. To take advantage of the discount promo code, place an order with at least 2500 rubles total amount at online clothes shop.

6. Check the detailed Terms and Conditions on

7. The organizers reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion.