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News and Promotions

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5 June 2018

The New Desserts and Shakes

Since 5 June, the "Yakitoriya" presents the new desserts by our brand chef Stanislav Baharovskiy. Amazing combination of classic dessert ingredients and bright, juicy fruit and berry flavors. Meringue, nuts, delicate custard, berry sauce — all the favorite and delicious is in the new Dessert Specials Menu!

The modern classic — an airy Pavlova: crispy meringue, Tiramisu custard, fresh berries and Bubble Gum sauce (297.-)

Delicate and exotic Green Burger: a combination of green brioche bun, creamy custard, fresh berries, vanilla ice cream and berry sauce (257.-)

The perfect summer taste of Honey Cake: delicate sour cream custard with layers of honey shortbread crumbs and prunes (197.-)

А classic Italian Tiramisu dessert made with mascarpone cheese and coffee soaked savoyardi biscuit (277.–)

Want even more sweets? Look for three terribly tasty new MonsterShakes in the menu!

First try Oreo: vanilla ice cream, banana, milk, caramel syrup, a piece of Cheesecake, waffle sticks, whipped cream, thick chocolate sauce and, of course, Oreo cookies are waiting for you.

There is no dessert more epic than Snickers MonsterShake — a combo of ice cream, banana, milk, chocolate sauce, caramel syrup, a piece of Snickers Cake, whipped cream and peanut butter. It’s awfully yummy!

Bubble Gum MonsterShake — the real edible skyscraper, which lacks only chocolate King Kong. The rest is in abundance: ice cream, banana, milk, caramel syrup, Bubble Gum syrup, fruit jellies, marshmallow, whipped cream and a glazed doughnut!

These novelties are sure to please all the lovers of sweets. Welcome to taste and choose your new favorite shake or dessert!