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News and Promotions

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23 January 2018

Special Offer

"Yakitoriya" continues #METAMORPHOSES! Since January 23, we present in all our cafes the SPECIAL OFFER by the brand chef’s team — it’s a creative performance of gastronomic hits collection.

The new menu will please both lovers of classic Pan-Asian cuisine and those who are ready to experiment and learn the best from the world culinary experience. Rich flavors, original combinations, effective presentation — you will find all of this in our Specials Menu!

We do recommend you to pay special attention to our new Sushi Roll Collection.

Scandinavia Roll made with flambéd salmon, cucumber, avocado and stir-fried spicy tuna tartare with Ponzu soy sauce.

A peculiar Beef Roll filled with tomatoes, arugula, red onion and Blue Cheese sauce, flambéd beef fillet outside. Served with cilantro, blue cheese and Sriracha sauce.

An exotic Suzuki Roru — sesame-crusted smacked cucumbers with cilantro, tartare made with Asian-style pickled salmon fillet and sea bass, straw potatoes, red onion, cilantro.

Also, other interesting new items are waiting for you.

  • Hits of this winter: Hawaiian Salmon Poke (sushi rice, Spicy sauce, smacked cucumbers, pickled ginger, chuka seaweed, red onion, edamame beans, salmon with avocado in Citrus-Soy sauce) and Hawaiian Eel Poke (sushi rice, Spice sauce, smacked cucumbers, pickled ginger, chuka seaweed, red onion, pineapple, smoked eel with avocado in Spicy Kimchi sauce).
  • Famous Pho Bo Soup — rich beef broth with Asian herbs and spices, blanched beef, rice noodles, white onion, cilantro, moyashi, fresh herbs bouquet, chili infused spicy vinegar and Hoisin sauce.
  • Beef Wonton Soup (chicken broth with lemongrass, oyster mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, cilantro and green onions).
  • Baby Pineapples with Organic Rice and Shrimp wok-fried with cashew nuts, raisins and yellow curry.
  • Asian-Style Cornish Chicken.

These and other specials are presented in all the "Yakitoriya" cafes, delivery available. It's worth to taste!